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nullHave you ever been to a music festival, construction site, or other open-air meeting and ended up needing a restroom? If there are no public toilets in the area, it’s likely that you made use of a Porta Potty.

Present a requirement for participants of many events — from large outdoor concerts to small family events. Portable toilets are available in diverse sizes and styles, yet they all have the same purpose: to provide easy toilet access to people when there aren’t any other options readily available. It may not be the very first thing that comes to mind when hosting an event, nevertheless renting a portable bathroom will ensure your guests are well-taken care of.

What is a Porta Potty?

Portable potties are toilets that can be readily installed from one place to another. They could be set up at construction sites, fests, and other events where there is no permanent toilet amenity. Portable potties are available in different sizes and styles, hence, there will undoubtedly be one that fulfills the needs you have. Some have flush toilets, whereas others possess chemical toilets. Some even have sink units attached, allowing the washing of hands after making use of the restroom.

Portable potties are a smart way to provide sanitation facilities for your guests without needing to install a permanent bathroom. They are additionally a lot less pricey compared to typical bathrooms, which is why they are regarded as a good option for budget-alert event hosts.

Choosing Your Porta Potty

If you’re considering renting a portable toilet in the area, you must consider which kind is appropriate for your event. Basic Porta Potties are the most affordable option, however, they may not be ideal for everyone. ADA-compliant Porta Toilets cost more, nonetheless, they provide access for people with disabilities. Deluxe Porta Potties are the most expensive option, nonetheless, they offer the most features. What you pick is dependent upon your finances and the needs of your visitors.

Basic Porta Potty

The basic porta potty is a simple, free-standing bathroom that may be used indoors or outdoors. It ordinarily includes a seat and a waste receptacle, and may likewise have a urinal. Nearly all porta toilets are made of plastic material or fiberglass and may be easily washed using soap and water. Porta potties are a good choice for events where the area is limited or spending budget is a concern. They are generally installed at festivals and other open-air gatherings where there’s no access to conventional plumbing. Construction sites and emergency amenities also use these units instead of standard bathrooms.

ADA-compliant Portable Toilet

There are functions where handicapped access is necessary and if you happen to be preparing one, our ADA-compliant Porta Potty is the most suitable option for you. This type of Porta Potty is additionally a great option for private gatherings if you are expecting guests with limited mobility Wheelchair-accessible porta potties have a roomy interior that will allow more mobility. There are additional grab bars and a wheelchair ramp in each unit to ensure quick access and use.

Deluxe Porta Potty

Deluxe Porta Potty is the perfect option for weddings, graduations events, anniversaries, and any special events that necessitate high-end amenities. This choice will really give your event a touch of luxury and you will be pleased you selected this option. Having a unit with air conditioning, hand sanitizer, a mirror, and a flushing toilet with running water, the Deluxe Porta Potty is exactly what you need for a more upscale event. It has a bigger room and an efficient design to accommodate your event’s extra feature specifications.

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Maintaining Sanitation of the Porta Potty

It is very important to know that Porta Potties are cleaned consistently in an effort to maintain sanitation. According to the location and type of occasion, mobile restrooms may be cleaned daily, once a week, or even more frequently. Generally, however, they are cleaned at least once every week.

Guest Safety in Using a Porta Toilet

If you are thinking of renting a Porta Potty at your upcoming gathering, there are a few things to make note of to be sure it’s a safe and pleasurable experience for all.

First, know about the possibility for strong winds to topple over or blow away unanchored Porta toilets. If you can, make sure to place them in a more protected area, or add weights to them with sandbags or other heavy stuff. Secondly, take note that mud or sand could build up all around the Porta toilet, making it hard to access or even use. When possible, keep the area all around the Porta Potty clean and free of debris. Lastly, make sure you contact a trustworthy porta toilet rental business to ensure you’re obtaining top quality service and a Portable Toilet that is clean and well-maintained.

Porta Potty Rental Cost

Porta potties are a budget-friendly option for providing temporary restrooms at events or construction locations. Prices will differ depending on the number of units rented, the time period they are rented, and the area. Transport costs may also be applied. A Standard Porta Potty rental is the least expensive option. However, if you require a Deluxe portable restroom or a Wheelchair accessible portable potty for a wedding event or other special activities, the price could be higher priced than the Standard Porta Potty rental due to the additional features.

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